June 20, 2001

Sometimes, the oddest things can spur on a song…

I was talking with a fellow sister songbird a couple of weeks ago and, as I was leaving, she revealed that she’d had a dream about me some time back.  In her dream, I was playing onstage to hundreds, nay, thousands of dancing, happy people (Right there, we KNOW this is a dream!) and the big song of my concert ended in the words, “My Barbecue.”  (DEFINITELY a dream…)  She said that everyone was singing along and seemed to just Love this song.  Told me to get to work!  (She was joking, of course…I don’t work….)

Well, I’m flattered that she would have a dream in which I was such a successful musician type person, so I had to tell her that I’d write that Barbeque song right after I finished my newest song, “I Wanna Hold Your Torso.”  <Ha, ha, giggle>….and I thought that that was the end of it.

I was wrong.

The dang song idea somehow followed me home and sat on my head all night, drilling whilst I slept.  The next morning, I found that it was permanently and snugly implanted inside my brain.  All kinds of silly Barbecue lyrics were popping into my head, some of them good, some of them sexy, most of them really quite stupid.  And, they persisted all day, always trying to end with “my barbecue.”  It’s not that I really thought that this song idea would become a hit where all of MY dreams would come true.  I didn’t WANT to be thinking of barbecue similes and metaphors while doing laundry and cooking dinner, but there they were, sounding kinda cute and happy and making me want to take them home (like kittens), against all better judgement.  You can’t just leave the little darlin’s neglected, you know….

So, I will write a song entitled, “My Barbeque” and it’s all Selia’s fault.  I will sound like Bob Marley’s sister and will have magically learned to master the reggae style on guitar.  Hundreds upon thousands will adore this song and I’ll become a huge star as a result.  I’ll meet all of my favorite musicians who will clamor to record my songs.  I’ll graciously turn Mr. Clapton and Ms. Crow down, will record them myself and will become wildly popular, a true sensation.  I will receive a Grammy and will invite all of you to come to my huge barbecue picnic, Willie Nelson style….

 And then, I will wake up….

 May all your dreams come true, sister songbird….  =)

 :~)  April Kelly