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Okay, this is my page of inane ramblings, which spring from the deepest recesses of my twisted little mind.  If you like what you see here, tell your friends!  If you don't, then tell your enemies!  Also, I always enjoy feedback and suggestions, so feel free to hit the contact page and let me know what you think....I'm letting you know what I think, after all....fair is fair....

Hope you enjoy your visit!

All rambles are written and copyrighted by April Kelly, 2001.

Motor Oil Accumulation - March 29, 2001.

Fun with Algebra - April 6, 2001.

The Joke's on Me - April 7, 2001.

My Barbecue - June 20, 2001.

The Gift  - August 2, 2001.

Manly Tips from April  - August 2, 2001.

Fuzzy Bunny  - December 26, 2001.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder...- February 1, 2002

Yoga is Relaxing! - May, 2007


All Content (c) Copyright 2001, April Kelly.