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Acoustic?  Acoustic Pop?  Light Rock?  Folk?  
Folk Rock?  Country?  Americana?

Definitely not rap.

Get it here!!!  "Bootleg" is up for sale....


Want to know more about my CD?  It's called "Bootleg" and is essentially an unplugged and acoustic version of my next CD, "The Real Thing."

I recorded "Bootleg" at Height's Sound Studio with acoustics in mind....few bells, few whistles - just me and my guitar, with my harmonies and some excellent leads by Tim Walker.  I'm very happy with's got a real nice "living room" sound, like I'm there playing for you in person.  Hope you'll give it a listen....MP3 samples are ready to load and listen to below.  The samples are very low resolution, but should give you an idea of each song.

If you have a credit card and would like to purchase this CD, please go to and follow their directions on how to go about getting a copy.  If you don't wish to use a credit card and will trust me *honest smile* I can always mail you one directly once I get your check!  Hit the contact page and let me know.  Option 3?  Come on out to a show and save on the postage!  Performances are listed on my music calendar....

I've got the lyrics to "Bootleg" published below...I'll get the rest done later.  Patience is a virtue, so please be virtuous!  I should have hyperlinks to ALL of the lyrics of the songs listed below, when I can find the time.   

In the meantime, take a moment to download a sample or two....

bulletCan I 
Lyrics MP3 Sample
bullet Music Box
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
bulletThe Optimist Club
Lyrics MP3 Sample
bulletIf You're Just Using Me
Lyrics MP3 Sample
Poison in Small Doses
Lyrics MP3 Sample
bullet Goodnight
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
bulletThe Real Thing
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
bullet That's It
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
bulletThe End of All Time
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
bulletWhen the Show is Over
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
bulletThe Easy Place
Lyrics MP3 Sample 
bulletLong Time
bulletYou Won't Go Away
bullet I've Got a Secret
bullet Pawn's Folly
bullet Speed of Reality
bulletThe Construction Crew
bulletGot My Way
bulletOrnamental Health
bulletControl Freak
bulletRun Away
bulletIn Her Dreams
bullet Off My Mind
bulletWhat Do You Expect
bulletFree and Easy
bulletThe Muse
bullet Ray of Light
bulletHope and Ashes
bulletSweet Yesterdays
bulletOne Day
bulletAnytime, Anywhere

bulletI'm Gone

All Content (c) Copyright 2001, April Kelly.