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What About April?

Well, okay, so what about me?  All I can think of at the moment is to give a brief history and a lame list of likes and dislikes.  I'll get better at this....

Personal History...

I was born on October 2nd, long, long ago, but can't remember much about that, so I'll move on...

Musical History...         *(Professional Promo Bio at bottom of page)*

I first picked up a guitar when my left handed brother gave me his old Yamaha, strung upside down.  I was about 15 yrs. old and didn't know any better, so I got a chord book and learned chords left handed.  It was several months later when I thought to restring the thing and learned that I'd gotten it wrong!   Restrung the guitar and thought  that I was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young...all of 'em!  Bought a 1972 Fender Telecaster when I was 16 and decided that I was going to be Nancy Wilson of "Heart."  Or, Jimmy Page.  Couldn't afford an amp, so I remained acoustic, basically.  3 years later, I hit a personal snag in my music and put the guitar down for awhile....16 years.  Too bad, really, 'cause I'd be Jimmy Page RIGHT NOW if I'd have kept it up.  (Uh, huh...sure...)

Several years ago, I decided I wanted to get back into songwriting and singing and hit the open mics looking for a guitarist who knew what he/she was doing.  Went through 6 or 7 offers before meeting Tim Walker.  Perfect vocal fit!  And, Tim sure knows what he's doing on the guitar!  We wrote together and played out for 4 years, as the Walker-Kelly Band and just plain ole' Tim Walker and April Kelly.  I bought my Taylor guitar late in 1999, started playing again and my muse got happy!  Times change, though, and Tim and I decided to embark on separate solo careers in Dec. of 2000.  So, my solo wings are flapping and I'm enjoying playing with other talented folks at venues around Houston.

Which venues?  Weelll, there's a list of some of them on the links page, but I've played  Houston Heights Festival, Seabrook Music Fest, Anderson Fair, The Vintage Bar, Ovations, Millbend Coffeehouse, McGonigal's Mucky Duck, The Sidecar Pub and have opened for numerous well-known regional performers.

I released my acoustic CD, entitled "Bootleg," in 2001 and I'm looking forward to working on it's successor, "The Real Thing."   See the music page for more details about "Bootleg."

Art History...

As a kid, I loved making stuff out of the natural clay deposits in my back yard.  (Big time tomboy - up in trees, with mud on my hands!)   I grew up, sorta, and went into the advertising field, writing copy for JCPenney and other firms.  Then, I realized I'd forgotten my first love.  Back to school I went, learning the ins and outs of ceramics, though I am a sculptor, at heart.  Clay is my chosen medium, however, so ceramics seems the logical choice.  (See the Art Gallery page for some samples of my work.)  It would be nice to have my own studios....musical AND ceramic.  Dream a little dream....

I graduated from U of H in Dec. in 2001 majoring in Fine Arts w/ minor in design.  And, *ahem*, with highest honors, Summa Cum Laude. 


Chocolate; sleeping in on weekends; spending time with my family; spending time with friends; Fat Tire beer; cute animals; kind, fun-loving people; doing new and unusual stuff; staying fit; art; music and spam.


Diets; getting phone calls early on weekends; high heels; pain (in anyone); pantyhose; Algebra; raw oysters (I just don't get that); mean people; large egos and spam.


Press kit bio for promotional purposes:

My Texas Music writes:

“She’s bursting with stories to tell and her songs are joyous observations of life, sometimes honest beyond comfort.  Confident guitar, crisp vocals and thought-provoking lyrics are the signatures of this CD…you’re going to be the next April Kelly fan!”  

Someone said that April writes like "Carole King meets Sheryl Crow" and has a strong voice reminiscent of Carly Simon. But, as nice as these comparisons are, April has a sound that's truly all her own.  A songwriting chameleon, her music is a mix of emotional highs and lows:  She'll take you to the depths of emotion and next, she'll 'zing' you with a humorous song that's witty, profound or just plain crazy.  She has performed at many venues and festivals in and around Houston including The Houston Heights Festival, Seabrook Music Festival, Anderson Fair, McGonigal’s Mucky Duck, Old Quarter Cafe, Ovations, Millbend Coffeehouse and The Vintage Bar.  She's in high demand as a studio singer, has opened for several well-known regional artists, and continues to entertain at various venues and festivals around Houston and the surrounding vicinity.  Tracks from April’s CD, “Bootleg,” can be heard on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston and she has also gotten airplay in Spain and Denmark.  She is currently preparing to record her second CD, “The Real Thing.”  April is co-founder (along with Chris Collins) of the organization called the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians, or "HAAM." 

Look for more information about HAAM at:  http://www.haam.us

“Live!” - The Walker-Kelly Band
“Bootleg” – April Kelly  (Debut acoustic project.)
“SRO Live!” – Compilation CD
“SRO Live III!” – Compilation CD
“Platinum Bound – Volume II”  My Texas Music compilation project.

Backing vocals and/or lead vocal tracks recorded for:
Robert Frith
Tim Walker
Jon Huntress
Brian Kalinec

Co-founder of The Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians (HAAM), 2003.

Website address:  www.AprilKelly.com
E-Mail:  April@AprilKelly.com

Song samples can be found by going to the music page at www.AprilKelly.com



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