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   Welcome to the April Kelly web site!
            C'mon in...


Hope you find this site informative and interesting!  I'll be updating it occasionally and will keep you notified of any upcoming shows that I might have.  If you care to sign up to my mailing list, please hit the contact page and I'll be happy to spam you and keep you "in the know."  Be on the lookout for a picture gallery page, with pics of all of my favorite peoples....coming soon to a website near you!

Check out the new alliance of acoustic musicians at:  http://www.haam.us.  We're The Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians (HAAM) and we're out to get the music flowing in Cow Town!  If you want to help out and/or are a gigging musician and wish to sign up, hit the signup page on the site and join the family....

REAL ESTATE!  Okay, so now you know that I'm a musician, ceramic artist and writer of strange rambles.   What you may NOT know is that I'm a real estate agent, as well, and I work with Century 21 Ross Group, right here in NW Houston.  Click on the orange REAL ESTATE link above to go to my RE website!   If you have any questions about how to buy or sell a home, please let me know by writing to me at:  april'@'aprilkelly.com.  (Pls. remove the ' symbols on either side of the @ symbol before using that email address.)  I'll be happy to help....

You can now check out some of the performances from the KPFT Backyard Party at LiveFromTexas.Com, a very cool video website run by the incredibly talented Orris Brown.  There's also a live interview by Roark Smith of Bill Swaffer and myself from the studios of KPFT.  Check it all out, and much more, at:   http://www.livefromtexas.com/start.html  Definitely worth the trip!

"Bootleg" is HERE and is for sale!!!!!  MP3 samples of each song are on the Music page, so's you can give each song a listen!   (Unfortunately, the MP3 website has gone kaput, so all I have right now are the samples.  Will get a few of them on this site in their entirety.)

Check out the "Texas Top Forty" and give my song, PMS, a spin or two.   Maybe you'll make me a Texas Star!  Click:  http://www.gatorpress.com/music/

Disclaimer:  I've never done a website on my own, so please be patient with any goofs you might encounter inside!  It's a learning process... =)

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